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Game RELEASE DATE and Last Livestream!

Hello everybody!

Break Arcade Games Out has a release date!

The game will be released on Steam and for FREE on September 20th 2019.

Not only that, but the source code will also be available for free on release!

You can watch the ENTIRE development process: from the very first line of code to the Steam release here on Youtube:

There will one more live stream: the LAST livestream in this series, where I release the game on Steam, play it, review the development and have a lot of fun. You can watch that on Twitch on September 20th 2019 at 1:30 PM BRT:

I hope to see you then!
Simon Anciaux,
Congrats !

Did you do streams on the release process for steam ? Applying for steam and what it requires ?
Dan Zaidan,
Thanks Simon!
I didn't (for a couple of reasons).
-It's kind of a grey are in terms of NDA. Because on one hand, the Steamworks partner stuff is confidential (as it states on every page), but on the other hand, there are public videos on Youtube of how the process works... So I wasn't sure and decided to be on the safe side.
-Another point is that the code of the game and the programming will last for a long time, the specific process of getting the game on Steam won't. Even the game I released a couple of years ago was really different. So it's not as valuable to have an "expiring" tutorial with the live streams.
-Now with Steam Direct, if you have the dollars, they will accept it :P
-They give very explicit feedback for not approving the Store Page or the game build, so it's a lot more straightforward.

But even with that in mind, I will show the actual Steam release moment on this Friday's stream, so that should be fun! :D