The game is DONE: watch the ENTIRE development

Dan Zaidan
11 months ago
Hello everybody!

I'm very excited to say that the game I've been making entirely on live streams is now complete!
This has been a wonderful journey and I'd like to thank everyone who are watching and have helped.

The series started about two months ago and I really wasn't sure how it would turn out when I wrote the first line of C code, from scratch.

Well, now I can happily say that the game will be released on STEAM!

The last programming live stream was done, where I fixed some bugs, polished some details and tweaked the game. You can watch it here:

All the previous episodes are available for you to watch on Youtube:

For people short on time, I have made a video showing the best moments of the first stream that you can watch here:

Here you can play the game and get the source code!

Here you can download each episode's source code separately:

If you have any questions I'd love to talk with you in the forum here:

Dan Zaidan

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