An open-source game, written entirely on a live stream!

Watch the whole process as I program the game and its engine from scratch using the C language live on Twitch. Then, download the source code and play around with it yourself! The live streams show the ENTIRE process: from the very first line of code all the way to the game launch on Steam!

The final game on Steam: Check out the full recordings on Youtube: Download each episode's source code on The source code is also on Github:

About the project

Inspired by Jonathan Blow's live streams and Casey Muratori's Handmade Hero, I decided to start a project while streaming the whole process. It was a small game and the original intent was to release it on, but as it happens it was released on Steam! There are three main goals with this project:

1 - Learn 2 - Teach 3 - Have fun

All the decisions of the project were be based on these criteria. Like: "Why write from scratch?" - To learn more "Why make it such a small game?" - To more easily teach people the whole project (Handmade Hero, for example, fills the gap of live streaming the creating of a more complex and longer game; but there is a lack of smaller games for people to learn) "Why C and not C++?" - Because I think C is more fun! :)

About the game

What if Breakout was the only arcade game people could make?

Modern take on an older game Enjoy the classic arcade game Breakout with vibrant colors, modern but nostalgic music, tight controls, screenshakes, crazy animations and lots of particles.

Break Arcade Games Out Play several other arcade games as if they all had to be based on Breakout! Experience gameplay surprises and changes based on each arcade game.

Play arcade games you know in a new way! Check out Breakout Space Invaders, Tetris and Pong!

Open Source Development This game was created during live streams, so you can watch the whole development process, from scratch! Check out the recordings on Youtube: You can also download the Source code and play around with it! The game and its engine were written using the C language.

Key features ENTIRELY FREE GAME! Familiar gameplay applied to crazy situations Different arcade games give a nice variety to the base Breakout gameplay Special dedication on the game's feel: nice movement, animation, particles, colors, sounds and more! Open source code! Download the game's code to learn, play around and make your own games! Watch the entire development! The whole game was developed during live streams, so you can watch all the decisions, thoughts, doubts and progress!

I hope you like it! :D


This license is supposed to be as permissive as possible. So attribution is not required, but appreciated. A donation is also appreciated :) .

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